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    shipping from china to amazon fba warehouse

    Decode seller's success in Amazon and other E-commerce platforms.

    Product, listing performance and global supply chain !!!

    Products and listing performance are two critical factors in Amazon sales. Global sourcing helps sellers select potential popular products; advanced listing performance generates growth momentum.


    Different from self-fulfillment, FBA is the most powerful weapon for sellers to rapidly scale their business. Amazon FBA service gives consumer premium user experience which leads to sales growth, FBA also helps sellers efficiently deal with local distribution and customer service work.


    The only challenge for sellers is how to manage the long, complex and volatile global supply chain, and ensure which is align with FBA's capacity when the business is scaling up.

    one stop shipping solution from china to amazon

    How Luckylucky supports Amazon top 5 sellers to achieve success

    Compliance, Digitalization, Transparency !!!

    In Amazon, we only serve top sellers and those who are dedicated to becoming top sellers.


    We understand that listings are our client's most valuable assets, which require all the operations compliance with Amazon, exporting and importing countries at every step of the cross-border supply chain. A long-term stable, economical and competitive supply chain is a key factor in seller's success in E-commerce.


    Luckylucky's E-logistics system helps clients deal with complex work such as goods inspection, shipments gathering, insurance coverage, shipping cost inquiry, different shipping methods comparison, export & import permit,



  • Why Amazon top 5 sellers chose us

    Supplier‘s credit rating services

    Audit the supplier's credit rating, help clients distinguish manufactures and their products, circumvent and mitigate potential risk, assist in establishing a long-term, stable global supply chain.

    One-stop samples selection, collection and finishing services

    Assist customers in efficiently collecting samples from numerous suppliers, taking photos,videos and shipping them to designated addresses with economical courier contract rate.

    Pre-shipping products quality inspection

    Provide full and random inspection service before the shipment is available as stocks in Amazon fulfillment centers to avoid the defective/damaged products being delivered to consumers. Submit inspection reports, photos and videos as per customer inspection check list.

    Tailored supply chain design services

    Combining the size, weight, complexity of customs clearance, sales frequency, supplier production capacity, carrier's space condition, Luckylucky provides customized logistics services which balance economic, efficiency and timeliness. Our multiple shipping methods include sea freight, air freight door to door and courier service with different costs and timeliness.

    Instant freight quotation

    Normally, a door to door inquiry takes 3 days in the industry. Based on our comprehensive database, our registered customers are able to have real-time quotation for the shipping inquiry from China to Amazon FBA warehouse. Regular door to door shipping inquiry takes 6 hours.

    Cargo visible & trackable

    On our Saas-based customer login platform, customers can easily monitor the status of all shipments, the dynamics of each shipment (including inspection, booking, delivery, customs release, departure, insurance, arrival, delivery, inspection and etc.) will be updated on the platform in real time. This platform helps customers optimize purchase from supplier and increase inventory turnover rate.

    Pre-Amazon FBA storage

    Our hub and satellite warehouses throughout the US, CA,UK,Europe and Australia help customers flexibly deploy inventory near the Amazon FBA warehouse to cope with sales volatility and reduce Amazon's long-term storage costs.

    The combination of Pre-FBA storage(PanEuro) and Amazon contract LTL pick up provides most economical shipping solution to Amazon.

    Import & export permit assistance, compliance

    Assist global sellers to apply for any Amazon import country qualifications (including EIN, EORI, VAT, BOND, FDA), provide export agency services for producers without export permit, provide free HS code classification, import and export tax, customs clearance required documents & certification consulting service.

    Return goods management, cross FBA shipping, reverse logistics

    Help sellers rescue frozen account, assist process return goods. Switch label, bar code, re-packing and deliver shipment to FBA with new account information.

    Deploy inventories between different Amazon account, warehouse in different countries.

    Process return goods from consumer, ship them back to exporting countries.



  • Get started now!


    If you want to get instant quotation, please kindly let us know following information of shipment.

    A. Description of the goods. (with HS code if possible)

    B. Number of package (e.g. 20cartons)

    C. Gross weight(kgs) Measurement (cbm)

    D. Trade term (e.g. FOB/EXW)

    E. If you are registered importer, do you have EIN in US or EORI in Europe.

    F. Pick up address & delivery address