• Luckylucky's warehouse in Los Angeles has moved to the following new location on 01st Apri,2021: 6195 Randolph ST. Commerce, CA 90040

    Own facilities, service quality assurance

    As an important part of global E-commerce supply chain, our warehouse in Los Angeles has 66,000 square feet storage and distribution space. Luckylucky understands the complexity of Amazon fulfillment logistics, sophisticated expertise in our team help you deploy inventories efficiently to balance response speed and cost.


    We can combine your multiple accounts products and ship them to US in one lot with low cost, then store and distribute them to different Amazon fulfillment centers as per your instruction.




    Site fundamentals

    30 miles from Long beach terminal

    35 miles from Los angeles airport

    Within 2 days delivery to Amazon west coast

    Within 5 days delivery to Amazon east coast

    5 paralleled load/unload docks, 10 forklifts


    Workforce & WMS

    Technically skilled engineers & efficient WMS platform

    Well educated, trained and skilled workforce for E-commerce industry

    Highly expansibility in peak season.