Shenzhen,China to Los angeles,CA United States Pre-Amazon Warehouse


    include ocean freight, export & import local charges

    Join our China - US FBA shuttle service and enjoy incredible low prices.

    See how 100% utilised container space significantly reduce shipping costs.


    You can

    1. Use our LTL distribution service deliver your inventory to Amazon FBA warehouses. (see following rate chart)

    2. Use Amazon LTL service pick up from our warehouse (inbound, outbound, handling and storage fee will occur)

    3. Store your inventory in our warehouse and flexibly arrange deliver to Amazon (Pre-Amazon warehouse service)

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    Enjoy 70% lower groupon shipping service to Amazon

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    1.Import duty is NOT included in the quote, the declared value of goods must be 100% real and accurate. The import duty is subject to the break down showed on customs duty bill , and the tax bill for a single shipment cannot be provided.


    2.The minimum billing unit is 1 cbm, If there are any additional costs including but not limited to customs inspection fee, terminal or warehouse detention/demurrage, customs penalties, etc., the customer needs to pay them in full.


    3.This quotation includes ocean freight and local charges for origin and destination. Delivery charge to FBA warehouse has been included in the quotation, if you need to deliver to Non-FBA address, please confirm delivery fee separately with us.


    4.The applicable incoterm of this quotation is FCA. If your incoterm is FOB, the export local charges can be deducted from the quotation and we will collect them from shipper. If the incoterm is EXW, there will be pick-up cost.


    5.The quotation is only applicable to general goods, not applicable to liquids, batteries, powders, food, cosmetics, medical supplies imitation brand, fragile, regulated products and etc.


    6.Using FBA shuttle service, the goods of different customers will be consolidated and declared as one shipment. Separate declaration or export tax refund must confirm with our customer service in advance.


    7.Due to consolidate declaration at destination, if there is any customs delay or detain due to certain client's goods, this client must bear all the relative cost for whole container. Client's own EIN can not be used as importer.


    8. Shipping charges and import duty deposit (10% of invoice value) should be prepaid in order to lock the space.


    Value-added service

    1. Product quality, packing inspection service.

    2. Insurance service

    3. Pick up service

    4. Export agency service


    Contact with our customer service and lock space in advance. inquiry@lliff.com

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