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    One stop supply chain solution for Amazon sellers

    As Amazon global logistics Partner (SPN), Luckylucky has more than 15 years experience in helping clients deal with complex cross-border supply chain. Luckylucky believes a long-term, stable, economical, and competitive supply chain is a key factor in every seller's success in e-commerce.
    The challenges for sellers are how to manage the long, complex and volatile global supply chain, and to ensure that they are doing all that is necessary to align with FBA's capacity when the business is scaling up.
    Luckylucky Supply Chain provides sellers with convenient tools through the online platform to quickly calculate cross-border logistics costs, manage shipping orders and use our professional services to help sellers complete the flexible management of inventory.
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    Real-Time FBA Shipping Charges Calculator
    FBA Express Service & FBA Shuttle Service
  • FBA Shuttle Service

    Groupon shipping service with lowest rate, local fast delivery to Amazon


    1. Join our groupon service to enjoy incredible low shipping rate to import country.

    2.Use our local LTL distribution service deliver your inventory to Amazon FBA warehouses. (see following rate chart)

    3. Use Amazon LTL service pick up from our warehouse (inbound, outbound, handling and storage fee will occur)

    4. Store your inventory in our warehouse and flexibly arrange deliver to Amazon


    FBA Express Service

    Catch up nearest schedule, fast vessel to nearest city of FBA warehouse, direct deliver to FBA


    Schedule Frequency: 3-5 vessels/week
    Port of Loading: Fuzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Xiamen
    Port of Discharge: Nearest city of FBA warehouse
    Pick-up Service from Supplier: Applicable
    Export Clearance: Separate Declaration
    Export Tax Refund: Applicable
    Import Clearance: Separate Declaration
    Import of Record: Customer's Company/Luckylucky

    FBA CSP Service

    Amazon Consolidated Shipping Plan


    Luckylucky is the first logistics provider to launch China-Singapore CSP service in cooperation with
    Amazon Global Selling teams. There is no minimum weight/volume requirement for the service.The
    all-inclusive price includes all miscellaneous charges at the places of departure and destination
    (except customs duties and VAT).
    Our routes cover Amazon’s emerging markets, such as Singapore, Australia and UAE. This innovative
    solution greatly reduces the testing costs for new sellers, which strengthens their confidence when
    testing new listings and exploring Amazon’s new market.

    Pre-Amazon Warehousing Service

    Pre-Amazon storage enjoy lower warehousing cost, local deliver to Amazon FBA enjoy fast speed.


    Our warehouses in the U.S. and Europe help Amazon sellers deploy inventories close to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers, save storage fees and offer the ability for instant responses to the consumers’ needs.
    Shipping to overseas warehouses with big volume saves shipping costs and helps sellers manage multiple accounts economically.

    AGL Handling Service

    Amazon Global Logistics handling service


    Need handling forwarder in China to help you coordinate with supplier and Amazon global logistics forwarder?


    Luckylucky can help you arrange export documents, pick-up from factory, book space with nominated AGL forwarder, arrange product quality inspection, cover insurance with contract rate, file AMS & ISF for China to US shipments.


    Just provide supplier and AGL handling agent contact information to us, we will arrange everything for you.

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