• 海外客户出货流程
























    发送Pre-alert及派送处理指示给代理, 协助客人提前准备进口手续







    进口申报,对于需要确认HS CODE和关税客户需明确告知最迟确认日期不确认会默认为已确认,不管客人是否确认关税都需要按海关给的支付,有异议自行和海关确认。







  • Step-by-step shipping to Amazon


    Supplier contact & Pre-ship preparation

    Confirm Incoterms, P/O, advise shipping requirements, inspect product quality


    Apply EIN/EORI/VAT

    Assist seller with an application for EIN/VAT/EORI


    Create shipping labels in Amazon seller central

    Sellers are requested to create shipping labels in Amazon seller central, provide the Shipping ID and Reference ID to forwarder.


    Book space/loading

    Space booking

    Pick-up cargo
    Cargo consolidation
    Export declaration Insurance coverage


    Ship on board/flight

    Cargo shipped onboard/flight
    Issue ocean bill of lading/air waybill
    Prepare import clearance documents
    Send pre-alert to import forwarder


    Import declaration

    Provide POA to import broker, customs declaration, confirm the customs entry bill, pay import duty/tax


    Inland transport, warehouse process

    Distribute shipment to different inland cities as per Amazon allocation, double-check cargo status, labeling, repack, palletize.


    Set appointment for delivery with Amazon

    Predict cargo available time, set an appointment with Amazon for delivery, temporary storage besides FBA warehouse


    Goods delivered

    Deliver shipment on the appointment date, get the POD from Amazon, resulting in the inventory being available in Amazon stock.


    Whole supply-chain analysis

    Issue freight invoice, analyze supply chain, optimize shipping solution, re-set and adjust solution for future shipments.

  • 售前:报价问题汇总




    The standard inspection cost is USD 155.00 per person per day; however, if the factory is located in a remote area, the inspection cost will need to be confirmed case by case.


    Usually, our inspector will check the quantity, visible workmanship, function inspection, labeling and marking, packing, barcode and QR code, etc.


    The inspector will inspect randomly 50-300pcs of products as per the client's inspection checklist. The number of inspected products depends on the complexity of the inspection requirements and the total quantity of goods.


    You will need to provide us with the manufacturer’s address, contact information, the person in charge, and the inspection checklist. After the inspection is completed, we will send you an inspection report and videos the next day.

    Inspection instructions must be sent to us at least 2-3 days prior to the intended inspection date. A successful inspection needs the manufacturer's full cooperation.


    According to shipper’s feedback, we will wait their further notice and update the inspection arrangement details to you once the cargo ready date is confirmed.


    We are pleased to advice that the inspection service has been successfully completed. Please check attached inspection report. Waiting your instruction to proceed the space booking.



    Thank you for contacting us, we have received your message on the company's official website/from Amazon SPN. In order to give you an accurate quotation, in addition to the existing information, can you provide more information as following format showed?

    You can visit our website https://scaas.lliff.com to easily get instant quotes for your inventories ship to Amazon FBA warehouse.



    Please understand that our quotation is based on the quantity at the time of your inquiry. If the actual shipped quantity is different from the inquired quantity, the final freight calculation will be based on the actual shipped quantity. The change in the quantity will affect the unit price of the goods. Normally, the fee billed per shipment will not change. Quantity-related costs such as freight unit price, pick-up fee, delivery fee, warehouse operation fee, etc. will change. In addition, due to frequent fluctuations in shipping market, every quotation has a validity period. If your goods are actually shipped later than our quotation validity period, the cost needs to be reconfirmed.



    Perhaps you already know that due to the sharp increase in the volume of exports from China and the imbalance of cargo transportation, the prices on the market have changed drastically. The basic freight rates of some routes have even risen by nearly 10 times. However, as a long-term strategic partner of our customers, we insist on pricing at cost, and we are committed to working with customers through the extreme moments of the international supply chain.


    Thank you for confirming to use our service to arrange the shipping of your goods. We will do our best to ensure the smooth shipment of the goods. You may have noticed that in our quotation, the rate is valid before xxx. After confirming with the shipper, the ready time for the goods is xxx, and the earliest available schedule is xxx. After comparing the prices of many suppliers, the lowest ocean freight/airfreight we can get is XXX. Please check the updated quotation based on the latest cargo data provided by the factory and current shipping cost.

    You may have known that the market is changing dramatically every day, we have done a lot of work to keep balance between lowest shipping cost and reliable shipping service quality. We will only maintain the lowest profit margin in the market and work together with our esteemed clients to overcome the market fluctuation.

    Once we receive your confirmation, we will arrange the booking.


    Due to the extreme shortage of space in the market, the freight quote validity period is related to the shipping line's space, and most space will be ordered by the buyer who pays the deposit or prepays the freight in very short period. Therefore, the actual space is ultimately based on the booking result after you confirm the quotation. If the space has been used up, we will check the update cost and need you to reconfirm the quotation. I hope you can understand that as a long-term logistics partner, we will try our best to find the lowest cost with space in the market, and we also need you to confirm the quotation as soon as possible so that you can lock the space.



    You should understand that the customs will not charge different tariffs for certain goods, or impose different tariffs for different declarers. If any service includes tariffs, the only way is to declare the lower value or omit the declaration for some goods. Since many client's goods are combined and try to escape paying customs duties, only some of the goods will be correct declared on the entry. Once any of the goods are inspected by the customs and not truthfully declared, all the goods will be detained and it will be difficult to release them. Moreover, this method cannot provide compliant import documents, which is a very large potential risk whether it is in Amazon or the government tax authority. Services that include tariffs are essentially smuggling. I believe that you understand the tide of Amazon account closures. Compliance is the key to the company's long-term growth and survival.



    The chargeable quantity of express delivery is calculated based on the chargeable weight. The formula is the volume of the goods (cubic meters) multiplied by 200 to compare the chargeable weight with the actual weight, and take the larger value.

    The formula for air freight is the volume of the goods (cubic meters) multiplied by 167 to compare the chargeable weight with the actual weight, and take the larger value.

    The chargeable quantity of LCL goods is the chargeable volume. For the goods shipping to base port(Los angeles, New York), the gross weight of the goods divided by 500 is compared with the actual volume, and the larger value is used as the chargeable quantity. If the goods need to be transshipped to an inland city, the chargeable quantity of the transshipment is divided by the gross weight by 363 and compare with the actual volume, and the larger value is used as the chargeable quantity


    Normally the import duties for express cargo are paid by importers located in the importing country. Since you are not a company literally located in the importing country, the express company only accepts DDP, the import tariff prepaid in the origin. Since the import tariff bill of the express company takes 1 month or even up to 6 months to be returned to us, the express company will require us to pay 35% of the amount of the goods as a tariff deposit and US$35/shipment as DDP handling fee. This deposit will be used to offset the actual customs duties. Once we receive the customs bill for the goods, the deducted deposit balance will be returned to your company.


    Usually, we recommend using PayPal to collect the duty deposit refund to avoid additional bank charges. If you choose wire transfer, you need to bear the wire transfer fee. If we don't receive tariff bill from express company for more than 6 months, we will return the tariff deposit to the customer first.


    Although most import tariff rates are lower than 35%, the actual value of the goods recognized by the customs may be much higher than shipper's declared value, so the express company requires a deposit of 35% of the declared value of the goods.


    In practice, express company only collect duty deposit for invoice value more than US$500.

    推荐用我们EIN,推荐客人拼柜,向客户建议可以走深圳的特价自拼柜(FBA SHUTTLE)的说辞


    In order to answer the challenges with extreme market conditions, we signed contract rates below the market with the major shipping lines in the name of our

    U.S. company. These rates are only applicable to the importer for our own EIN(Luckylucky Int'l Corp). If the shipment is arranged in this way, you do not have to pay import agency fees.

    The tariff at the port of destination will be collected based on the actual entry bill issued by the customs.


    In order to deal with extreme market conditions, for goods from Shenzhen to the United States, we signed a contract with a shipping company in the name of an importer using an American company. We can pull your goods to Shenzhen and ship them together with our other goods to the same destination. Since the contract is signed in the name of a US company, the bill of lading and customs declaration must be in the name of our US company, using our EIN. We will not charge your import agency fees and the total cost of your goods is also expected to be reduced by 300 US dollars. Our quotation included the haulage cost from supplier to Shenzhen.



    We happen to have other customers' goods to be sent to the US warehouse. We can combine the goods and ship them in a 40'HQ. This method can greatly reduce the cost of total transportation (estimate reduce US$300).


    A fumigation certificate, frequently referred to as a pest-control certificate, is a document used to confirm that all wooden packing materials in a cargo shipment have been fumigated.

    Materials that require sterilization or fumigation before international shipping are raw wood items such as wood pallets or crates, wool, dunnage, and drums. However, wood-derived products like cardboards, particleboard (chipboard), and other man-made materials are exempt when importing in some countries.

    A fumigation certificate is compulsory when shipping international or ocean freight cargo. Failure to comply with these measures risks your cargo not being sent, liquidated, or quarantined upon arrival in other ports.



    Shipping companies/airlines need Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods issued by Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Testing Co.,Ltd. and MSDS report. Please contact your exporter to provide the above reports so that we can confirm with the shipping company and get the quote.


    We are sorry to tell you the airlines/shipping lines don't accept booking for this product. H/ever if you have any shipping requirements for general product, we will be happy to assist you to get the lowest freight and offer you the best service.



    If the incoterm is FOB, all local export costs will be paid by the shipper. We also need to know whether you have your own importer in the destination country (if you have EIN in U.S.). If not, we need to include import agency fees in the quotation. We are sorry that we are temporarily unable to provide import agency services in Saudi Arabia.


    If the incoterm is EXW, the shipper is only responsible for getting the product ready for pick-up in their factory. All the export local charges, freight and import charges should be paid by the buyer.



    To determine which incoterm to use is mainly to compare the export local charges quoted by the exporter with our local charges, which is reflected in the quotation difference between

    and ExWorks. Because our export local charges are lower than the market price, and sometimes exporters will add extra profits to the local charges, in most cases, we recommend our customers use ExWorks.





    Please visit our official website and get full introduction of Incoterms 2020.


  • 服务中: 运输过程问题汇总


    1. Fill in ship from information:

    Company name C/O

    Luckylucky warehousing

    6195 Randolph ST.

    Los Angeles, CA 90040

    Tel: (909) 281-8880

    Warehouse hour: M-F @10AM-5PM

    E-mail: cs3@lliff.com

    Contact: Jenny Lin

    2. Choose shipping method

    If you would like to use Amazon pick up service, please select Amazon partnered carrier

    Amazon partnered carrier

    LTL and Amazon partnered carrier(truck)

    SPD and Amazon partnered carrier (UPS/FEDEX etc.)

    *If you need quick delivery service, please use SPD, h/ever if you prefer better rate, please use LTL. You will see the quote in the Amazon website once you choose the shipping method.

    3. Cargo ready date

    Please do NOT put cargo ready date until we confirm for the LTL, normally warehouse need 72 business hours to process labeling and get shipment ready.

    国外进口货物索要柜租等额外费用产生的保函的解释。 (整柜报价就需要发送)

    Since the import unloading terminal is still crowded, many containers cannot be picked up and returned in time.

    Once it is not possible to return the container during the container-free detention period and the terminal free storage period specified by the shipping company/terminal, additional container detention, terminal storage and the cost of occupying the chassis will be incurred. Before picking up the goods, the shipping company will require the consignee to issue a letter of guarantee that includes a commitment to pay all the container rentals, terminal overdue fees, and chassis occupancy fees. The consignee needs to promise to pay in time even it is due to the congestion of the terminal/yard. Please note that according to the practice of the port of destination, the shipping company's container detention or terminal demurrage, chassis fee bill is sometimes 1-3 months later than the empty container has been returned, which means that even if the goods have been delivered, you may still receive their bill.


    In order to reduce the occupancy of trucks/drivers and chassis, our American company, the truck company will continue to urge shipping companies/docks to pick-up heavy full containers and accept empty containers. So they don't have any incentive to delay picking up/returning the container. In order to avoid the additional cost of the destination port that cannot be recovered in time, we must receive your letter of guarantee and issue a corresponding letter of guarantee to the shipping company before they can release the goods.



    Please check the attached latest freight statement. If any invoices that have been sent before are not listed on the statement, please let us know in time. If you need an invoice or more supporting information for any shipment, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you for arranging payment at the earliest possible time.


    In order to maintain a healthy cash flow and meet the requirements of the interior financial regulation, please arrange to pay the amount listed on the statement as soon as possible. We have paid all the freight to the carrier on the departure date. In order to facilitate the arrangement of payment for the customer, we will arrange the collection only after the goods arrive at the port of destination and the customs amount has been confirmed. If you have doubts about arranging multiple payments, we can bear the additional bank payment handling fee for more than one payment.



    Perhaps you already know that Amazon's designated UPS/LTL pick-up service is facing large-scale delays. We have transferred the goods to the transshipment platform once received your outbound instruction to wait for the designated logistics company to pick up the goods. Although we have prioritized your cargo and urged the logistics company to pick up the cargo many times, the cargo has not been picked up so far. It is recommended that you contact Amazon’s customer service to help urge the logistics provider to arrange delivery as soon as possible. If you need us to arrange a dedicated LTL service based on appointment, we will check the latest delivery fee and earliest available appointment date.



    As soon as we received your warehouse outbound instructions, we arranged an appointment and delivered the goods at the specified time. Due to the long waiting line, although our truck arrived at the warehouse on time at the appointed time, the goods still could not be unloaded successfully. We have already booked an earliest new appointment time immediately, and we will arrange delivery again at XX. We are sorry for inconvenience and will keep you posted for any development.


    1. 已联系SHIPPER,通知货好时间

    Dear XXX,

    Good day/ Hope you are well/hope the e-mail finds you well. 等问候语

    We have contacted with supplier and they confirmed the cargo will be ready on XX/XX/2021. We will book earliest available vessel/flight. For any development, we will keep you posted, thank you.

    2. 订舱确认,通知预计船期

    Please note we have booked space for this shipment, please find below schedule for your reference:

    Vessel Schedules

    Doc cut off: Dec 3@ 11AM

    Cargo cut off: Dec 3@16PM

    ETD Ningbo: Dec 9

    ETA Los Angeles: Dec 23 (there might be one week delay due to port congestion in LA port 预计会有塞港/延误情况提前说明)

    3. 提货/入仓确认通知:

    Supplier has confirmed with us that the shipment can be picked up on 12th Dec. Once receive the shipment, we will start customs declaration. Will keep you posted any development. (提货)

    Supplier has confirmed with us that the shipment can be delivered to our warehouse on 12th Dec.

    Once receive the shipment, we will start customs declaration. Will keep you posted any development. (入仓)

    4. 供应商还在等客人款项放货:

    Please note supplier told us they are still waiting for your payment before they release the shipment to us. Please kindly check with supplier and let us know after you contact with them.


    As per supplier’s advice, the cargo is still under packaging. Shipment is expected to be ready on 12th Dec. Once we have further information, will keep you posted.

    5. 提货完成通知,正在清关:

    We have picked up the shipment on 12th Dec, it’s under customs declaration now. We will update to you once shipment is released in customs.

    6. 报关放行及出运计划:

    Please note the shipment has been released from China customs, the shipment will be arranged to following vessel/flight:

    ETD Shenzhen: 12th Dec, 2017 ETA Los Angeles: 15th Dec 2017

    7. 开船、起飞:


    Please note our cargo has been shipped on board on 12th Dec, 2017, the vessel estimated arrival date in Los Angeles is 14th Dec.

    空运:The flight with our shipment has departed from Shanghai/Shenzhen on 12th Dec, the estimated arrival date is 14th Jan 2018. Will keep you updated about further status.

    快递:The shipment has been sent out on12th Dec by UPS, please see below tracking details, the estimated delivery date is 14th Dec.

    8. 到港:

    海运:The vessel has arrived in Los Angeles on 12th Dec 2017. We’re waiting CFS warehouse to pick up the container from terminal. Shipment is waiting transit to Miami once devanning work and customs declaration is completed.

    空运:The flight with our shipment has arrived in Los Angeles on 12th Dec, we’re arranging the import clearance now, will update to you once it’s released in customs.

    快递:The shipment has arrived in Los Angeles on 12th Dec, we’ll confirm with you again once the delivery is completed.

    9. 海运拆柜,转运:

    The CFS warehouse has picked up the container from terminal, the devanning and palletizing work will be done shortly. Once we have Amazon delivery schedule, will let you know in the earliest time.

    10. 海运进口清关放行:

    We are happy to inform you that your shipment has been released by US customs. Once the shipment is available in the warehouse/terminal, we will schedule pick up/delivery time and keep you posted.

    11. 海运转运:

    The container was devanned and palletized on 11th Dec, cargo will be transited to Dallas/Cincinnati on 12th Dec.

    12. 海运/空运到达内陆点及预计派送时间:

    The shipment has arrived in Miami on 12th Dec. We have confirmed the delivery date will be 14th Dec.

    13. 派送完成:

    The shipment has been delivered to Amazon ONT8 on 12th Dec.