• Cross-Border E-commerce Supply Chain has never been so easy.


    One stop supply chain solution for Amazon sellers

    As Amazon global logistics Partner (SPN), Luckylucky has more than 15 years experience in helping clients deal with complex cross-border supply chain. Luckylucky believes a long-term, stable, economical, and competitive supply chain is a key factor in every seller's success in e-commerce.
    The challenges for sellers are how to manage the long, complex and volatile global supply chain, and to ensure that they are doing all that is necessary to align with FBA's capacity when the business is scaling up.
    Luckylucky Supply Chain provides sellers with convenient tools through the online platform to quickly calculate cross-border logistics costs, manage shipping orders and use our professional services to help sellers complete the flexible management of inventory.
  • FBA Express Service

    Real-Time FBA Shipping Charges Calculator

  • FBA Shuttle Service

       Monthly Groupon Shipping Service to Amazon FBA

    Shenzhen, China to Los angeles, CA United States Warehouse


    Include ocean freight, export & import local charge

    Join our China - US FBA monthly shuttle service and enjoy incredible low prices.
    See how 100% utilised container space significantly reduce shipping costs.
    You can

    1. Use our LTL distribution service deliver your inventory to Amazon FBA warehouses. (see following rate chart)

    2. Use Amazon LTL service pick up from our warehouse (inbound, outbound, handling and storage fee will occur)

    3. Store your inventory in our warehouse and flexibly arrange deliver to Amazon (Pre-Amazon warehouse service)


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  • Solutions

    Air Freight door-to-door service


    Our own contracts with major Airlines help us offer customers market-competitive air freight rates with professional service quality assurance.
    Global networks enable us to provide door-to-door service to compete with courier express service for big, but urgent, shipments.

    Ocean Freight door-to-door service


    Luckylucky ensures that our customers are able to secure space during peak times regardless of market-rate volatility. Abundant sailing schedules each week with different carriers, transit times, and shipping costs ensure that you achieve dynamic, secure, and economical inventory management.

    International Courier Express Service


    Major express companies FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, and USPS give Luckylucky special contract rates based on large daily volume. We offer multiple choices to keep a balance between low cost and speed requirements

    Railway Transportation


    China-to-Europe railway service provides a different option and a balanced shipping solution, offering faster transit time than ocean freight, and lower transportation costs than air freight. We provide door-to-door delivery service to any place in Europe.

    Pre-Amazon Warehousing Service


    Our warehouses in the U.S. and Europe help Amazon sellers deploy inventories close to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers, save storage fees and offer the ability for instant responses to the consumers’ needs.
    Shipping to overseas warehouses with big volume saves shipping costs and helps sellers manage multiple accounts economically.

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