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    Simplify your global e-commerce with Luckylucky's end-to-end supply chain solutions.  


    Streamlined Shipping: 24/7 freight calculation & Amazon FBA expertise.


    Real-time Visibility: Transparent online platform for cargo tracking & inventory management.


    Focus on Growth: Integrated platform, letting you focus on your business, not logistics.



    Get instant shipping to FBA costs in a few clicks!

  • Global Stocking Solution

    An ultimate solution for global inventory deployment and management 
    Stocking and fulfillment in the exporting country or importing country
    Diverse cross-border shuttle logistics solutions Replenish stocks efficiently.
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    Our Services

    FBA Express Service
    Efficiently synchronize with the nearest timetable and promptly dispatch a high-speed vessel to FBA

    FBA Express offers an unparalleled, bespoke service to enterprise-level merchants seeking optimal, cost-effective logistics solutions.


    Our highly-efficient service guarantees speedy and reliable transportation, leveraging our nearly daily flight and ship schedules. Our service includes every step of the supply chain, from the moment of pick-up, to customs clearance, transportation, insurance, inspection, import, and delivery.


    Goods are seamlessly transported to the nearest freight station/airport en route to our FBA warehouse. Exclusive reservation channels for truck transport, delivering your goods directly to the FBA fulfillment center in the fastest manner possible.

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    Our Service

    FBA Consolidation
    Amazon Consolidated Shipping Plan


    Luckylucky is the first logistics provider to launch China-Singapore CSP service in cooperation with Amazon Global Selling teams. There is no minimum weight/volume requirement for the service.


    The all-inclusive price includes all miscellaneous charges at the places of departure and destination (except customs duties and VAT).


    Our routes cover Amazon’s emerging markets, such as Singapore, Australia and UAE. This innovative solution greatly reduces the testing costs for new sellers, which strengthens their confidence when testing new listings and exploring Amazon’s new market.

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    Our Service

    FBA Shuttle LCL
    Effortless and streamlined shipping solution to Amazon FBA with incredible low rates, leveraging the power of Groupon's purchasing power and logistics expertise

    Leave the hassle of inventory transportation to our competent local LTL distribution service, ensuring rapid and dependable delivery of your goods to Amazon FBA warehouses. 


    Optimize your time and resources by utilizing Amazon LTL service for collection from our warehouse, resulting in significant cost savings.


    Benefit from the convenience of storing your inventory in our warehouse, allowing you the flexibility to schedule deliveries to Amazon FBA at your convenience.

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    Our Service

    Pre-Amazon Warehousing
    Optimize your warehousing costs and gain flexibility in inventory allocation by leveraging our pre-Amazon storage solutions


    Our warehouses in the U.S. and Europe help Amazon sellers deploy inventories close to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers, save storage fees and offer the ability for instant responses to the consumers’ needs.


    Shipping to overseas warehouses with big volume saves shipping costs and helps sellers manage multiple accounts economically.


    Use FBA shuttle service ship your inventory to our overseas warehouses and use local fast delivery network replenish stock flexibly.

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    Our Service

    Amazon Global Logistics(AGL) Handling Service
    Comprehensive and flexible support services enable sellers to leverage AGL's discounted rates and act as a proficient operational agent


    Need handling forwarder in China to help you coordinate with supplier and Amazon global logistics forwarder?


    Luckylucky offers a comprehensive suite of services, including export document preparation, factory pick-up, space booking with nominated AGL forwarding agent, product quality inspection, insurance coverage at contract rates, and AMS and ISF filing for China to US shipments.


    Simply provide us with the contact information for your supplier and AGL handling agent, and we will adeptly handle all aspects of your shipment."



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