• Experience, Technology, and Trust

    Your Global Supply Chain Partner 


    With over two decades of industry-leading expertise, Luckylucky excels in comprehending the logistics intricacies faced by Amazon sellers, from novices to veterans, in exploring new markets.


    As a premier Amazon Global Logistics Partner (SPN) and Class-A freight forwarder, we offer tailored solutions that empower Fortune 500 companies and emerging businesses to navigate cross-border trade confidently.


    Our commitment lies in delivering exceptional value to our clients, enabling them to enhance their competitiveness and thrive in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

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    Our Expertise:


    End-to-End Solutions: From freight forwarding to warehousing and last-mile delivery, we handle every aspect of your supply chain.


    Tech-Driven Efficiency: Our proprietary platform offers real-time visibility and data insights for informed decision-making.


    Customization for Every Need: We tailor solutions to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your business.

    Amazon FBA Specialists: Our deep understanding of FBA regulations streamlines your shipments and maximizes efficiency.


    Sustainable and Compliant: We prioritize ethical practices and ensure your supply chain adheres to all regulations.

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    Benefits for Your Business:


    Reduced Costs: Streamlined operations and efficient logistics lead to cost savings.


    Increased Efficiency: Focus on your core business while we handle your supply chain.


    Improved Scalability: Adapt your supply chain to meet your growing demand with ease.


    Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Faster deliveries and accurate inventory management lead to happier customers.


    Peace of Mind: Knowing your supply chain is in expert hands allows you to relax and focus on growth.

  • Why Amazon top-5 sellers choose us

    • Suppliers’ credit rating services

    Perform supplier credit rating audits, aid in identifying manufacturers and their offerings, proactively address and reduce risks, facilitate the creation of a sustainable worldwide supply chain.

    • One-stop samples selection, collection, and finishing services

    Offer an all-in-one sample selection, collection, and preparation service that streamlines the process for customers. This includes efficiently gathering samples from various suppliers, capturing high-quality photos and videos, and shipping them at a cost-effective courier-contract rate to specified locations.

    • Quality inspection of products pre-shipping

    Deliver comprehensive and random pre-shipment inspection services to prevent defective or damaged items from being sent to Amazon fulfillment centers and ultimately to customers. Provide inspection reports, photos, and videos based on the customer's checklist.

    • Tailored supply-chain design services

    Tailor logistics services to meet individual customer needs, offer personalized shipping options, including door-to-door sea freight, air freight, and courier service, each with varying costs and transit times, optimizing for a balance between cost, efficiency, and speed.

    • Instant freight quotation

    Typically, the door-to-door inquiry process in the industry takes up to 3 days. However, by utilizing our comprehensive database, our registered customers can receive a real-time quotation for shipping from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse. Our streamlined process has reduced regular door-to-door shipping inquiry to just 6 hours, providing customers with faster and more efficient service.

    • Cargo visible & trackable

    Our SAAS-based platform allows customers to easily monitor their shipment status in real-time, enable customers to optimize supplier purchases, increase inventory turnover rates, and make data-driven business decisions. Tracking each shipment's progress from inspection and booking to delivery, customs release, departure, insurance, arrival, and final delivery.

    Pre-Amazon FBA storage

    Our network of hub and satellite warehouses strategically located in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia offers customers flexible inventory deployment options, allowing them to efficiently manage sales volatility and minimize Amazon's long-term storage costs. Our pre-FBA storage solution combined with Amazon contract LTL pickup, delivers the most economical shipping option to Amazon, optimizing cost and transit time.

    • Import and export permit assistance and compliance

    We provide comprehensive support to global sellers seeking to apply for Amazon import country qualifications such as EIN, EORI, VAT, BOND, and FDA. Our services also include export agency support for producers without export permits, free HS code classification, import and export tax, customs clearance-required documents.

    • Return goods management, cross-FBA shipping, reverse logistics

    We offer comprehensive services to support sellers, including account recovery for frozen accounts, return goods processing, and inventory deployment between Amazon accounts and warehouses worldwide.

    We also handle consumer returns and arrange for the items to be shipped back to the exporting country. Our end-to-end solutions streamline logistics and help sellers overcome challenges.