Luckylucky helps you manage complex cross-border supply chains.

    Luckylucky serves top sellers and those who are dedicated to becoming top sellers only. Product sourcing and listing performance are two critical factors in Amazon sales. Global sourcing helps sellers select potentially popular products and advanced listing performance generates growth momentum.
    Luckylucky assists clients with purchases from the China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Singapore.  Also, we assist with shipping cargo to most of Amazon's fulfillment centers around the world.
    We collect and consolidate cargo from different suppliers, ship to destination with the lowest cost, prepare export and import documents, clear customs and arrange delivery to Amazon.
    Top sellers store inventories in Luckylucky's destination warehouses to enjoy low storage costs and faster delivery to local Amazon FBA warehouses.
  • Multiple shipping methods. Balance economy and speed

    Air Freight door-to-door service

    Our own contracts with major airlines help us offer customers market-competitive air freight rates with professional service quality assurance.
    Global networks enable us to provide door-to-door service to compete with courier express service for big, but urgent, shipments.

    Ocean Freight door-to-door service

    Luckylucky ensures that our customers are able to secure space during peak times regardless of market-rate volatility. Abundant sailing schedules each week with different carriers, transit times, and shipping costs ensure that you achieve dynamic, secure, and economical inventory management.

    Courier express service

    Major express companies FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, and USPS give Luckylucky special contract rates based on large daily volume. We offer multiple choices to keep a balance between low cost and speed requirements

    Railway transportation

    China-to-Europe railway service provides a different option and a balanced shipping solution, offering faster transit time than ocean freight, and lower transportation costs than air freight. We provide door-to-door delivery service to any place in Europe.


    Our warehouses in the U.S. and Europe help Amazon sellers deploy inventories close to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers, save storage fees and offer the ability for instant responses to the consumers’ needs.
    Shipping to overseas warehouses with big volume saves shipping costs and helps sellers manage multiple accounts economically.
  • Step-by-step shipping to Amazon


    Supplier contact & Pre-ship preparation

    Confirm Incoterms, P/O, advise shipping requirements, inspect product quality


    Apply EIN/EORI/VAT

    Assist seller with an application for EIN/VAT/EORI


    Create shipping labels in Amazon seller central

    Sellers are requested to create shipping labels in Amazon seller central, provide the Shipping ID and Reference ID to forwarder.


    Book space/loading

    Space booking

    Pick-up cargo
    Cargo consolidation
    Export declaration Insurance coverage


    Ship on board/flight

    Cargo shipped onboard/flight
    Issue ocean bill of lading/air waybill
    Prepare import clearance documents
    Send pre-alert to import forwarder


    Import declaration

    Provide POA to import broker, customs declaration, confirm the customs entry bill, pay import duty/tax


    Inland transport, warehouse process

    Distribute shipment to different inland cities as per Amazon allocation, double-check cargo status, labeling, repack, palletize.


    Set appointment for delivery with Amazon

    Predict cargo available time, set an appointment with Amazon for delivery, temporary storage besides FBA warehouse


    Goods delivered

    Deliver shipment on the appointment date, get the POD from Amazon, resulting in the inventory being available in Amazon stock.


    Whole supply-chain analysis

    Issue freight invoice, analyze supply chain, optimize shipping solution, re-set and adjust solution for future shipments.

  • The timeline of an Amazon Shipment from Origin to Destination