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  • As a veteran in the cross-border logistics industry, we understand that there is no "one-size-fits-all" stocking strategy that can cater to the different developmental stages of sellers of various scales.  
    With our diverse cross-border shuttle logistics solutions utilizing multiple transportation modes, we are able to offer flexible stocking strategies for sellers in both export and import countries.
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  • Stocking and Fulfillment in the Exporting Country

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    We Streamline

    Our platform is the ultimate supply chain management tool.

    You can easily manage your inventory, replenish stock in our warehouse, create shipping plans and receive instant shipping quotes.

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    We Offer

    Collecting goods from multiple suppliers to fulfill the exporter's MOQ. Cost-effective and high-capacity storage solutions in China. Inspect, label, palletize goods and ship to diverse Amazon marketplaces.

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    We Transport

    Luckylucky acts as your direct-to-Amazon logistics partner. Flexible, economical, and expedient services match your shipping quantity, frequency, and transit time .

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    We Consolidate

    Our FBA Shuttle service utilizes a consolidated Groupon shipping model, providing a cost-effective solution for utilizing each cubic meter of container space.

  • China Warehouse Quotation

    Flexible procument, Cheap storage, Direct to Amazon shipping

    Warehouse Inbound


    Segregation & Move to Storage


    Warehouse Outbound

    Carton out(pick,labeling,load) US$2.5/Carton

    Pallet out(pick, labeling,load) US$12/Pallet

    Packing Material * if needed

    US$0.8/Carton + Buy carton cost


    Storage Charge


    Inspection of individual carton

    US$0.5/Carton US$0.25/Piece(if needed)


    Stocking and Fulfillment in the Importing Country

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    We Speed Up

    By deploying a pre-positioned local inventory, pre-stocking warehouse expedite the transportation of your goods to the designated FBA warehouse within 1-5 days.

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    We Control

    We design and monitor stable cross-border supply chains by mitigating the impact of high peak season shipping costs, constrained space capacity, and uncertain transit time.

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    We Empower

    We empower sellers who source globally and sell globally. Goods imported from different countries can be stored in warehouses locally. Provide real-time fulfillment services on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify.

  • U.S.A. Warehouse Quotation

    Local direct replenish to Amazon, Eliminate international shipping volatility

    Warehouse Inbound

    US$3.5/Carton 1-50 cartons

    US$3/Carton 51-100 cartons

    US$2.75/Carton >100 cartons


    Segregation & Move to Storage

    US$1.5/SKU Unpalletized

    US$15/Pallet Palletized

    Warehouse Outbound

    Outbound Processing US$5/Shipment

    Outbound Fee US$3/Carton or


    Packing Material * if needed

    US$5/Carton + Buy carton cost


    Storage Charge

    US$8/CBM/Week 1-60days

    US$16/CBM/Week 61-120days

    US$18/CBM/Week >120days

    Inspection of individual carton

    US$3/Carton US$0.45/Piece(if needed)

  • Transportation solutions shuttle between warehouses in export and import countries. 

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    Shuttle Transportation Scheme Suitable for Various Shipping Needs

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    FBA Express Service

    Efficiently synchronize with the nearest timetable and promptly dispatch a high-speed vessel to FBA

    MOQ:1CBM Ocean Freight / Air Freight Daily Service

    Unparalleled, bespoke service to enterprise-level merchants seeking optimal, cost-effective logistics solutions.

    Our highly-efficient service guarantees speedy and reliable transportation for your merchandise, leveraging our nearly daily flight and ship schedules.

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    FBA Shuttle Service

    Effortless and streamlined shipping solution to Amazon FBA with incredible low rates, leveraging the power of Groupon's purchasing power and logistics expertise

    MOQ: 1CBM Ocean Freight 1-2 service/week

    Leave the hassle of inventory transportation to our competent local LTL distribution service, ensuring rapid and dependable delivery of your goods to Amazon FBA warehouses.

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    FBA CSP Service

    First logistics provider to launch China-Singapore CSP service helping Amazon Global Selling teams. Innovative solution greatly reduces the testing costs for new sellers, best tool when testing new listings and exploring Amazon’s new market.

    MOQ: 1KG Ocean Freight / Air Express 1-2 service/week

    No minimum weight/volume requirement for the service.

    Routes cover Amazon’s emerging markets, such as Singapore, Australia and UAE.

  • FBA Shuttle Step-by-step Guidance


    Confirm stocking plan,

    To determine the optimal stocking plan, kindly provide us with a comprehensive overview of your needs and seek confirmation from our experienced customer service team.


    Pick-up/Deliver to Warehouse

    Send us the warehouse order form and select Shenzhen warehouse, submit the form to our customer service.


    Pick-up/Deliver to Warehouse

    Luckylucky will pick-up shipment, supplier can also deliver to our warehouse, we will send the warehouse inbound documents.


    Warehouse receiving confirmation

    Client will receive warehouse inbound notice and inbound details with SKU, product/packing condition and quantity.


    Choose Direct ship to Amazon solution

    Client can use our online rate system to calculate the different options to different countries and understand the transition time to replenish inventoryto different warehouse locations.


    Shipping monitor and FBA receiving updates.

    Client can place the freight orders in our system or send outbound instruction by e-mail. Luckylucky will proceed the outbound and process international shipping immediately.


    Shipping monitor and FBA receiving updates

    Luckylucky updates the schedules on system and following up until delivery. Options by air/air express are available if customers need quick replenish.

    Provide POD once shipment is delivered to Amazon fulfillment center.

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